Attendance at Kinson Academy

As you know, your child’s attendance is important to us. The more time they spend in school the more chances they have to engage with education, meet their potential and learn valuable life skills. Both the Government and independent studies agree that high attendance and attainment are strongly linked.

To promote this positive link between attainment and attendance, the government closely monitor Schools attendance. Kinson Academy’s minimum target for all of our children is 96%, Pupils should only be absent for authorised reasons, 1 day missed is a day’s learning not received.

We are aware of cases in the media around holiday absence, and can advise you that we will continue to apply our policy in line with Bournemouth’s processes. Holiday requests will not be authorized; however, consideration will continue to be given to requests where exceptional circumstances apply. Your child’s attendance percentage for 3 terms prior to the request, the level of unauthorised absence and your child’s attendance on return following leave, will be taken into account in reaching the decision to authorise an absence and as to whether a penalty notice will be requested.

It is important that we can account for your child’s whereabouts, so please continue to make request for absence via written requests to the school office. Where we are unable to locate your child, safeguarding triggers are met, which may involve a home visit, referral to the Education Social worker &/or the police.

We know that it can be difficult to reschedule some appointments, but where it is not possible to avoid the school day, we politely ask that appointments are made as late in the afternoon as possible. This prevents disruption to key aspects of your child’s education.

When your child is unwell, please call on the first day of absence and leave a message on the absence line (option 1 on the phone menu). Please try to be specific, listing symptoms and giving any extra information.