At Kinson Academy, the education of our children both at home and school is vitally important.  

During this time, when children may have to self-isolate, it is important that the children continue with their education if they are well enough to do so. Every family was emailed their child/ren’s unique email address/s and password/s during the last Lockdown, it is also in their Reading Diaries/Reading Records and some children know them by heart! By using this method, children can access MS Teams where they can click on ‘Files’ and find the work in the ‘Self-Isolation Learning’ folder.  

Children can either create their own folder in TEAMs to store their work – which can then be seen and marked by teachers as they do it, or work on paper and bring it to school with them. Work has been carefully selected to support learning at home whilst matching the work done in school so that children are not left behind.   

If your child is asymptomatic and not unwell, we require them to complete all of the work set. However, if your child is unwell, whilst they wait for their negative LFD tests, they may want to complete some of the activities when they can, in order to maintain their learning at home. 

If you need further help, please use the contact us tab on this website, email us at [email protected] or create a ‘Post’ on Microsoft Teams. You can also ring the office on 01202 572713 

Information on the Remote Learning we are providing can be found here. 

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Our detailed Remote Learning Policy can be found in the ‘Document Zone’